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Yoga retreat in Sfakia, Crete

21 June - 28 June 2023


6 August - 13 August 2023

Join us at YogaOnCrete and experience lightness of body and spirit and the joy of honouring and nurturing the needs of your body, mind and spirit through the practice of Iyengar yoga, daily encounters with the cool, turquoise Mediterranean waters at quiet beaches, idyllic unspoilt surroundings, and wholesome local food, excursions, a warm and welcoming group of people and much more!

During this week we will use the precision of the postures (asanas) to visit and focus on different areas of our bodies. The practice of asana is not about doing the perfect posture. It’s about using postures to understand and transform ourselves. By starting to observe where we feel tension and where we experience flexibility, we can use the body’s knowledge to understand our limits, physiological and psychological. Sometimes it is the body saying yes and the mind saying no, or vice versa. The purpose of this workshop is to have the body and mind work together while executing a posture. To actually be in an asana and not trying to reach it. To enjoy yoga no matter how flexible we are!

For more information and booking a place, please contact the lovely hosts, Eugenia & Nikos!



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